Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Letter to Dorot(h)y from T(h)orydo 3

Hello my dearest Dorot(h)y,

you poor girl...
forgetting our own name is indeed a dreadfull thing to happen, let alone to such a preety girl as you.
A loong long time ago, I used to forget my name quite often, so I can understand exactely how are you feeling.
One feels lost, without references, without knowing exactely where to roam, without a love of our own.
its like crossing a long long desert, and no oasis at sight, only mirages, illusions. If I only had a camel to ride on back in those days.
I tremble inside just by recalling those terrible times. But there's hope Dorot(h)y... really, there is.
No matter how long the desert-crossing may seem, one always find the paradise lying ahead. And its green as emeralds shining in the light of the mid-day... Its waters are blue like large saphires... the food there is always sweet as golden honey, and most important, happiness shines through everyone like diamonds shimer in a queen's crown... because everyone there has crossed the same desert.
And this is why I'm writing to you.
Mr Sincerily Yours asked me if I could do anything for you, and I can. Thats why you're reading this lines, it's because I can help you Dorot(h)y.
The land where I live is the closest to paradise I've ever seen, And, believe me, I've seen almost every land there is.
This is a special place indeed. For special people only. And I can tell how special you are.
And you know why? Because you name is Dorot(h)y. One's name is the most perfect discription there is for ourselves. And You names spells:
D - Destined
O - Onto
R - Righteous
O - Or
T - Tremendous
(H) - (This one I can only tell you in person)
Y - Yielding

You see, my special one? I know who you are.
In my land you wont ever forget you name again, because everyone that lives here is called Dorot(h)y...
So if ever fall in doubt you just need to call one of your fellow sisters names... and there you go, you got it again.
You always know who you are, because you are just like everybody else, and thats an achievement of a lifetime, wouldn't you agree?

So please consider my proposal, Doroth(y), because you deserve to be happy, but one needs to conquer it.
This land calls your name in every breath, in every laughing smile, in every friendly and profound embrace.
No more tears my dear, the future is calling you.
I'm Calling you. We are all calling you.

but for you I'm Mr. Eagerly Yours