Monday, 30 July 2012

Friday, 27 July 2012

Letter to Dorothy 1 - DO NOT FORGET WHO YOU ARE

Dear Dorothy,

I was very disturbed with your mail. Everybody forgets herself once in a while, but the important thing is to find ways to "get back" to you.
I was trying to find ways to remind you who you are, ways to define you so that you can remember yourself. Does any of this sounds familiar?

Dorothy Gale is an orphan child who made several trips to the Land of Ozwith her little black dog Toto. She eventually moved to Oz permanently and lives in the Emerald City with her best friend Princess Ozma who is the ruler of all the land and who made Dorothy a princess of Oz.
Dorothy Gale has a merry voice despite the grayness of Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, and of the sky, the prairies, the plowed soil, the grass, the farmhouse, the daily activities, and the cyclones.
Dorothy Gale is just like any other little country girl. She's loving, humble, usually sweet tempered, and loves her little black dog Toto very much. She has a round, rosy face and earnest eyes. She is a dreamer, like her dead mother, and her aunt has suggested that the Fairies marked her at birth, since she has been protected in all her adventures through many strange places.
In the Land of Oz Dorothy is well known for killing the Wicked Witches of the East and West. She was made a Princess by Ozma, the rightful ruler of Oz, but was not spoiled by the magnificence around her. She is loved by everyone for her simple sweetness and honesty. She has a suite of rooms in the Royal Palace of Oz.

At the end I decided that you sould go for extreme measures. The important is this: DO NOT FORGET WHO YOU ARE.

P.s- I leave you my address in case you need help to find your way home: Rua XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Lisboa PORTUGAL

Letter from Dorothy 2

Well, I don't know you but I'm very open minded since I'm not home anymore.
If you want to send me post cards, my address is just there....down there...
I would love to kiss you but my aunt told me that it wasn't polite at the first sight
cant wait to know you more, to be kiss you,
like with my photographer...but this is another story
Because I love to kiss and to smoke, everything that can give me the look of a real and strong woman
you can send me your address too to be sure...
because for now, I write postcards to people everywhere in europe by chance
but if we have a background, we will go deeper in communication
thanks for the letters

Rothy (oups I did it again, I play with your heart...)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Letter from Dorothy 1

my dearest all, 

finally i got my shoes back. it's been dreadful times since the big storm of december, when i lost my shoes dans la Seine.
i stayed wet for many months and with cold feet, which is quite dangerous in this land of strong winds. it's not like kansas at all. you can catch a cold quite easily here. 

i most sincerely apologize for not writing you for so long my dearest friends, but it's been a hard job to stay concentrated.
i almost forgot my name. letters started to disappear one by one from my head. first the D, then the O, then the R.
i started to repeat my name everyday 100 times, in order not to forgot it. but even thought my tremendous effort (you can't believe how hard it is to stay focused in cold and wet feet), i kept losing letters. 
i became quite desperate because the only letters i had left were the H and the Y. and i was very sure i would lose the H very soon, because the H is such an easy letter to forget, don't you think? 

last week, very unexpectedly, i received a letter from someone i don't know who. it wasn't signed. it was only written:

dear dorothy,

i'm just writing to remember you that you name is dorothy before you lose the H.

sincerely yours.

i really don't know who wrote me this letter but it was most certainly very useful to recover the sense of myself. so, whoever you are – thank you, mr. sincerely yours!
i posted the letter on the wall of my room so i could read my name every day, but i became very afraid of losing this piece of paper. maybe one day i could forget the room window open or the house could get on fire and i would lose the sense of myself forever. 
so i decided to tattoo my name on my left hand. first i thought of tattooing it on my right hand, but since the right hand is the one i use to do most of the things, it would be more difficult to check my name as often as i would need. 
now i can checked it as often as i want, unless i lose my hand, but i think that's quite unlikely to happen. although i remember my aunt em to mentioned time to time that someone had lost his or her head. i really hope that is something that only happens to heads and not to hands, because i most certainly wouldn't like to lose my hand, specially now after having my name tattooed.

i have to go now, my dears. 
please send me your post addresses. i don't have them i would most surely like to send you a post card.


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