Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mas o antagonismo entre nómada e citadino é só meia questão. A outra metade está bem mais próxima – ESCAPISMO. Porque é que fico inquieto após um mês no mesmo lugar, insuportável ao fim de dois? Que neurótica inquietação é esta? O ferrão da errância que atormentava os gregos? A viagem pode aquietar em mim alguma natural curiosidade e a necessidade de explorar, mas depois sou impelido pelo desejo de voltar. Tenho a compulsão da partida e a compulsão do regresso – o instinto de retorno ao lar da ave migratória.

Bruce Chatwin, Anatomia da Errância

To my parents

My dear parents that I miss so much
I can’t succeed forgetting you
And my lost paradise
I hope you do enjoy Christmas over your rainbow
I thought that my best present for you could be to share my new life
I had to admit that I’m doing my best
I try to keep on going and to find my sense of life
How should I live?
Why the birds are flying?
Why the snow is falling?
I start already to forget your face
Maybe you don't remember me anymore
Maybe everybody will forget me

First of all, I wanted to present you my dearest friend Toto
He’s my best friend and he spend all his day close to me to make me laugh

Being Toto is not easy

My dear Dorothys,

I lost you during one of my path
I’m barking after you
Can you hear me?

I went at the end of Siberia to look for you.
Being a southern dog in the north is not so easy but I’ll do my best

I'm so bored and life without you doesn't have the same flavour
I barked from the deepest of my heart

But finally my flair helped me, I think I founded you totally surrounded by the snowI’ll find some help barking till my death TOTO

Dorothy help me... I want to go back in your house...

Dear Dorothy,

After my turning back home...
I miss you so much...
Where are you? What do you do?
Without you I’m totally lost...
In my parents’ house... I try to cuddle me as I can...

After one baguette, I m sure I ll be better...

Still not... Oh maybe after that eclair au café?

No... Help me... I have to eat this tarte aux noix?

I can’t anymore...But I’ll try again with these tarte au chocolat?

For sure... I have to forget you trough a glass of wine